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Her Excellency Maryam Bint Ahmed Al Hammadi

Minister of State, Secretary General of the UAE Cabinet

Her Excellency Maryam Al Hammadi is Minister of State, and the Secretary General of the United Arab Emirates.  Within her responsibilities at the Ministry of Cabinet Affairs, H.E. Maryam Al Hammadi prepared, developed and followed up on the UAE Vision 2021 and National Agenda. She supervised the implementation of federal entities' strategies by developing the UAE government performance management system and establishing a clear and smart performance framework, in a bid to achieve the UAE Vision 2021 and National Agenda, and assess the government entities' strategies and the performance of the top government initiatives.

H.E. further monitors the government service performance and the latest developments related to government innovation through establishing KPIs and performance reports that reflect the achievements made in these fields. She also supervised the studies pertaining to government human resources, notably the studies on happiness and positivity in the workplace; as well as loyalty, employee engagement and functional harmony, among others.    

H.E. Maryam Al Hammadi also managed the development and implementation of an effective analytical reporting system for assessing progress in achieving the UAE vision, as well as the strategies and services provided by government entities, using smart, innovative analytical systems, tools, techniques and solutions, thus providing adequate and timely information for decision makers at various levels.

H.E. Al Hammadi was responsible for preparing and developing an overarching government excellence system nationwide, to be used as an integrated tool for maintaining development and promoting government excellence. H.E also followed up on the implementation and outreach of the said system both in the UAE and worldwide.

Among her various positions, H.E. serves as the General Coordinator of the Sheikh Khalifa Government Excellence Program (SKGEP), whereby she manages all the award categories under the umbrella of Mohammed bin Rashid Government Excellence Award.

For over 25 years, H.E Maryam Al Hammadi has held numerous positions in both the public and private sectors in areas pertaining to government development, strategic planning, performance management, government excellence, services and operations management. She was also in charge of developing the organizational structures at Dubai Municipality and Emirates Global Aluminum Company (EGA). H.E. Al Hammadi holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering and a Master’s degree in Total Quality Management (TQM). She is a member of the Emirates Strategic planning Association (ESPA) and a board member of Dubai Sports Council.