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His Excellency Mohammed Sultan Al Obaidly


His Excellency Mohammed Sultan Al Obeidli has been holding the post of Assistant Secretary General of the UAE Cabinet since December 2007. In August 2020, H.E. was also appointed Head of Legal Affairs for the UAE government.  H.E. Al Obeidli is responsible for assisting the UAE Cabinet Secretary General in preparing and organizing cabinet meetings and providing legal, administrative and logistics support by directly overseeing the Cabinet Support Sector and the Empowerment Sector. H.E. further undertakes the final review of federal laws, decrees, and cabinet decisions and provides the related legal advice as part of his tasks as Head of Legal Affairs.

H.E. Mohammed Al Obeidli has ample experience in the legal and administrative fields, furnished by years of service in these sector, many of which have been in supervisory administrative positions.

H.E. Al Obeidli started his career as a legal researcher in the Ministry of Labour from 1988 to 1990, where he contributed to the implementation of the labour law and its regulations, and the enforcement of the law on the violating parties.

H.E Mohammed Al Obeidli continued his career that led him to work in the Legal Affairs Department at the Dubai Municipality during period from 1990 to 2006, where H.E worked as a legal researcher for legislation. In addition, H.E also represented the Dubai Municipality as member in the Technical Committee for Federal Legislation in the General Secretariat of Municipalities, and contributed to developing the municipality's legislation. Thereafter during the period where H.E headed the Cases and Investigations Section at the municipality H.E engaged in developing the strategic plan for the administration, and raising the level of legal compliance with the legislation issued for the entities that deal with the municipality, or with municipality employees regarding their affairs and their job rights.

H.E Mohamed Al Obeidli also contributed to the development of the strategic plan of the Emirate of Dubai in the field of justice, security and safety through his membership in the executive team of the Security and Justice Committee in the Emirate of Dubai in 2006. During the period from September 2006 until March 2007 H.E Mohamed Al Obeidli worked as a private lawyer in Dubai.

In April 2007, H.E joined the General Secretariat of the UAE Cabinet as Director of the Legal Department where he contributed to updating the internal legislation of the General Secretariat, developing the bylaws of the UAE Cabinet and the mechanism of cabinet meetings, and facilitating its transition towards implementing the smart e-Cabinet.  He also contributed to the development of Federal legislation through his membership in the Technical Committee of the Federal legislation from 2007 to present.

H.E Mohamed Al Obeidli chairs the Committee for Future Legislation at The Regulations Lab (RegLab) an initiative of UAE Government, which deals with modern and emerging technologies and developing future legislation for it.

H.E Mohamed Al Obeidli participated in many legal and administrative seminars and conferences in the fields of drafting legislation, cybercrime, commercial arbitration, negotiation of contracts, strategic planning and preparation of operational plans.

H.E Mohamed Al Obeidli holds a Bachelor Degree in Sharia and Law from the United Arab Emirates University in 1988 with honors.