Government Innovation

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Government Innovation

Ministry of Cabinet Affairs develops an integrated system for innovation in government sector through innovation in policies, government services, processes and procedures, to enhance the competitiveness of UAE in government sector and turn the government innovation into and organized corporate culture embedded within UAE government

National Innovation Strategy

UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has launched the National Innovation Strategy. In seven years, the strategy will make the United Arab Emirates among the most innovative nations in the world. Active within four major pillars, the strategy’s first phase includes 30 initiatives with a lifespan of three years. The strategy will introduce a pack of new legislations that promote innovation incubators, building specialized national capacities, motivate private sector, develop international research partnership, enhance public sector toward more innovation. The strategy will stimulate innovation in seven governmental sectors including: renewable energy, transportation, health, education, technology, water and space.

Mohammed Bin Rashid Centre for Government Innovation

The Center serves federal and local government entities by organizing the government innovation labs and developing solutions for the challenges, in coordination with top world universities, in addition to training and building capacities of national cadres in government innovation, as well as provision of integrated system of modern tools to help government entities in innovation.

Government Innovation Lab

Mohammed Bin Rashid Centre for Government Innovation launched "Government Innovation Lab" to discuss ideas steming from UAE brainstorming with specialists and subject matter experts, and developing immediate solutions for many challenges faced by some sectors including education, health, social affairs and others, using creative patterns to generate innovative solutions. The government innovation labs include dedicated workshops discussing the current situation for any challenge with its correct numbers and accurate data. The labs start with brainstorming sessions with development of innovative ideas and solutions. The lab uses, in agreement with field officers and employees, such solutions and turn them into applicable final plans, in order to provide final outputs of government innovation lab as applicable realistic solutions upon which all relative entities have agreed. The lab may continue for some days until full agreement on solutions and setting the roles and responsibilities to implement promptly. This promotes the quick response of government to any changes and quick handling of any new field challenges without waiting the full cycle of strategic and operational plans that take long time to handle the current immediate challenges. The first government innovation lab has been launched in the Cabinet retreat in Sir Bani Yas Island, for two days in December 2013, to discuss development of education and health sectors. These sessions followed brainstorming approach among ministers, some officials and concerned parties in both sectors, with a broad social participation from the audience and through social media. The results were more than 25000 ideas, leading to approval of 70 government policies.

UAE Innovation Week

It is a unique weeklong Festival, held annually during the month of November to celebrate innovation across the UAE and includes more than 100 activities in each emirate across the UAE. The festival attracts and incentivizes innovation showcasing across the federal and local governments, educational institutions, as well as major private sector companies and global partners. The festival also targets all segments of society such as students and youth, government employees, citizens, residents, and visitors.

UAE Innovates

UAE Innovates is a comprehensive portal that documents all the core innovation activities and achievements in UAE. It covers innovation across the different levels and sectors in the country from Federal and Local Governments to private sector businesses, community, individual citizens and residents and students. The portal also provides data, information, tools and references related to innovation in UAE. It also functions as an interactional platform where the public gets involved and be part of the innovation ecosystem by participating in building the innovation portfolio of UAE.