Government Performance

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Government Performance

Ministry of Cabinet Affairs monitors the government performance for all federal government entities by a UAE government performance management system, and develops clear framework for performance to achieve UAE Vision 2021 and national agenda. The Ministry also pays attention to monitoring the sustainable development of performance, through easy, fast and highly accurate techniques, and to ensure that the services provided by these entities can fulfil the people needs.

The system consists of the four main pillars as follows: Managing the performance of national indicators for measurement of the extent to which UAE vision 2021 is achieved, evaluation of government efforts to achieve the national priorities, managing the performance of government enabler indicators for customers and human resources, and those related to smart government and e-government strategies, and managing the corporate performance in terms of indicators of strategic objectives stated in the strategic plans of government entities.

Government Service Performance

The Ministry of Cabinet Affairs monitors the performance of government services and related indicators, and performs studies to ensure raising the government service performance and expansion thereof. Customer Satisfaction Study and Mystery Shopper: This aims at measurement and evaluation of services provided to customers and their satisfaction in the ministries, authorities and federal organizations. Employee Opinion Study This aims at promotion of performance and systems of human resources and work environment in ministries and federal authorities UAE Federal Feedback Gateway "MY GOV": It deals with customer and employee remarks and suggestions effectively and efficiently and benefits from them in the improvement of the government services, to raise the level of customer satisfaction about the federal government.

Performance System - Second Generation

After success of the first generation of Electronic Smart Performance System, launched by UAE Government in 2008 as first Arabic-enabled smart system for management of government performance in federal government, the second generation has been developed to provide full support to development in federal entities so as to promote efficacy and efficiency of performance monitoring.

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