Government Performance

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Government Performance

The Ministry of Cabinet Affairs monitors the performance of all federal government entities through an advanced e-system to manage government performance in the UAE. It further sets a clear framework for performance to achieve the UAE Vision following the 10 principles of the 50 that act as guidelines for all the federal entities, as the UAE approaches a new phase of development.

This system consists of four main pillars: managing the performance of national indicators to assess the implementation of the UAE Vision; evaluating government efforts to achieve the national priorities, managing the performance of government enablers related to customers, human resources, financial resources, and the e-government strategy; and managing corporate performance related to the strategic objectives and key transformational goals of major projects in vital sectors.

Performance of federal entities in achieving SDGs

The government of the UAE attaches great importance to measuring the extent of achieving sustainable development goals that would enable access to affordable and clean energy, adequate food at affordable prices, quality education, good health and wellbeing, sustainable economic growth, sound environmental systems and resource efficiency. The UAE has pledged to “leave no one lagging behind” and lead the world in the sustainable and agile development march. Hence, a special platform was developed to measure the performance of the federal entities in realizing these goals through transformational projects and clear objectives that highlight government efforts and include these goals in the government work ecosystem.

Performance of major transformational projects in vital sectors

To measure the performance of major transformational projects in vital sectors as part of the government performance measurement system, guided by the Principles of the 50, a special platform was developed within “Adaa” system to assess the federal entities’ contribution to achieving the transformational projects by setting clear goals and objectives. The system is updated periodically to follow up on the completion of the main stages of the transformational projects.

Government services performance

The Ministry of Cabinet Affairs monitors the performance of government services and their relevant KPIs. In addition, it conducts studies to ensure enhancing the performance of government services and expanding their scope.

Customer Satisfaction Study and Mystery Shopper
: These studies aim to evaluate services quality and customers’ satisfaction in ministries, federal entities and institutions.

Employee Opinion Study
: This study investigates employees comments and feedback to improve the HR systems performance and the work ecosystem in ministries and federal entities.

UAE Federal Feedback Gateway "MY GOV":
This platform deals with customer and employee remarks and suggestions effectively and efficiently and benefits from them in developing government services and enhancing customer satisfaction about the federal government.

UAE Government Performance System Adaa

After the success of the first generation of Adaa e-system “Adaa 1.0” that was launched by the UAE Government in 2008 as the first Arabic-enabled system for government performance management, and the second generation “Adaa 2.0”, developed to provide full support to the development process of federal entities and promote efficiency and productivity of performance monitoring, the third generation of the smart e-system for UAE Government Performance Management “Adaa 3.0” was launched with new screens and features to support the strategic planning process, enhance the competitiveness and leadership of government strategies, and assist decision-makers to monitor the performance of entities, take corrective actions and improve decisions.

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