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Government Services


Service 1 Center

Service 1 Center was launched in August 2017 to provide comprehensive government services in innovative and unconventional methods, including:

  • Comprehensive employee
  • Service without counters
  • Service in one visit
  • One-time payment
Objectives of Service 1 Center:
  • Providing seamless customer journey and promoting customer happiness.
  • Developing and re-engineering services.
  • Serving as a laboratory for testing new systems and services.
  • Engaging customers in designing services through customer councils.
  • Empowering employees and engaging them in developing services.
  • Gathering customer insights and observations in a systematic way and communicating them to service pioneers in the government.

The Center is run by artificial intelligence technology developed by IBM Watson to provide customers with customized services through a one-stop-shop.

Capacity Building in Government Services

A set of training programs has been launched to build and improve the capabilities of government employees involved in designing, developing and delivering government services. These included Government Services Experience Programme, Train the Trainers Program for frontline employees, Customer Happiness for Service Centers Managers, as well as the e-learning platform available for all federal government employees.

International capacity building programs were also held as part of the strategic cooperation between the United Arab Emirates and other countries towards developing the government business model. These strategic partnerships included cooperating with the Government of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Republic of Uzbekistan.



UAE Mystery Shopper Application

The Mystery Shopper is a mobile application that allows UAE residents evaluate government services and become 'mystery shoppers' for the government. The application was developed by the Emirates Government Services Excellence Program (EGSEP) to allow customers to share their feedback on government services during or after their visit to the service center. The comments section in the applications allows users to elaborate further on their experience, thus helping the government entities to better understand the aspirations of their customers. It further enables government officials to monitor the performance of service centers and provides them the required data to support service improvement efforts and identify strengths and improvement opportunities.

The application is available in ten languages: Arabic, English, Urdu, Hindi, Spanish, Chinese, French, Russian, Uzbek and Tagalog, to cater to the needs of customers of different nationalities in the country, and is available on IOS and Android systems.

The application is available in ten languages: Arabic, English, Urdu, Hindi, Spanish, Chinese, French, Russian, Uzbek and Tagalog, to cater to the needs of customers of different nationalities in the country, and is available on IOS and Android systems.


UAE Government Services Council

The UAE Government Services Council was launched in July 2019, to enhance the coordination between government entities to develop joint services that promote customer happiness. The council is the first of its kind on the federal and local government levels and it brings together officials from various federal and local entities in the UAE to promote delivering high-quality government services.


Emirates Government Services Excellence Program

In line with the vision of the UAE to be one of the best countries in the world by the year 2021, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai launched the Emirates Government Services Excellence Program in March 2011 in order to raise the efficiency of government services to the level of 7 Star, by focusing on customer centricity and enhancing government efficiency. To achieve this vision, seven strategic priorities have been identified as shown in the following chart.   

In line with the EGSEP, the following projects and initiatives have been launched:
1) Global Star Rating Program

Given the importance of customer service centers being the real face of the government, the federal government launched the Global Star Rating Program, where centers are classified from two-star to seven-star based on the outcome of the assessment to redefine the concept of service delivery in federal agencies; 187 centers from 23 federal entity have been rated during 2011 till 2015.

2) Service Factory 

In order to support government agencies in the development of their services in an innovative way in collaboration with international institutions, the service factory was launched, in which it focuses on training the entities on service designs tools, and take into account the customer experience. The service factory consists of a series of workshops, in which they raise and develop ideas and then launch a prototype for government services. In each stage, customers  have been engaged in the development of the government services bundles, which includes the following: 
-Having a new baby
- Looking for a job
- Applying for scholarships abroad
- Pensions
- Getting Married
- Arriving to work in the UAE
- Running a business 
- Dealing with Emergencies 

3) Customer Happiness Studies

Customer Happiness studies are conducted to measure the happiness levels amongst federal government customers and to assess drivers of and barriers to happiness as well as to determine any issues with service delivery.  The research findings should provide an understanding happiness drivers and outline a clear set of steps that need to be taken by entities to improve government services. The results of the study will be input for service KPI's and Sheikh Khalifa Government Excellence Program.

4) Happiness Meter

The Happiness Meter is a smart application which has been deployed across the federal government network of Customer Happiness centres to enable real time sentiment measurement and feedback for management. The application requests customers to complete a short survey (- lasting only 15-30 seconds) and provide a happiness rating for the service transaction they have just completed. Depending on the score that is specified, the Happiness Meter probes the customer to identify causes for unhappiness or service delivery areas which can be improved.

5) Mystery Shopper Studies

Mystery Shopper program is an evaluation program of quality of service delivery. Visits to customer service delivery channels by real or hypothetical customers to evaluate entities compliance to the standards of customer service and real experience of customers’ journey.This program is designed to focus management attention on customer service improvement by providing information on the operations and the quality of service through measuring conformance with the service quality standards.

6) Khadamti

Khadamati system works as the gateway for federal government entities to access all federal government services in the United Arab Emirates. The system offers several advantages such as browsing services related to government services, enabling the mechanism to update services and reflect the changes automatically in related systems. Furthermore, the system offers numerous studies and analytical reports as an essential element to determining service improvement initiatives.

7) Best M Government Award

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, launched the Best m-Government Service Award in 2014 to motivate government entities to provide innovative and smart solutions for delivering government services with high levels of efficiency and transparency that meet the expectations of their customers.

In line with the ongoing efforts of the United Arab Emirates to improve the wellbeing of customers in UAE and the world and as part of its strategic partnerships with other countries including the Arab Republic of Egypt, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the Republic of Uzbekistan, the following awards have been launched:

-   Egypt Award for Government Services Applications for University Students
-  Jordan Crown Prince Award for Best Government Services Application for university students
- The Best mobile Government Service in the universities in Uzbekistan



8) Service Manuals 

Service manuals have been developed to raise the level of government services delivery and training entities on it, and they include:

The government service  development manual
This manual is intended to help Federal Entities understand and implement key service imperatives defined in the broader context of the Service Delivery Strategy. The document provides Federal Entities with background information regarding the overall strategic context surrounding the Service Delivery Improvement Initiative. Also a common Service Delivery Improvement framework for Federal Entities to understand the key service drivers and levers. It will contribute in changing the Federal government culture to a customer centric and efficient government. 

Government services quality guide
Government services quality guide generally aims to develop the customers’ service staff skills and train them to provide outstanding government services with a seven-star level. The guide is specifically designed to educate and help the customers’ service staff to apply the basic principles of government services delivery, as well as to build a unique culture were the service excellence standards, focus on customers, and enhance government efficiency.

The Service Charter guide
Customer Service Charter is a document that describes the federal agency's commitment to its customers, the duties of the customers, and the means of communication. It aims to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of services in the federal government through dissemination of uniform standards of service. Also, the charter enhance customer satisfaction through educating customers about the expected service standards from federal entities, and their duties towards the entity to assist them in to providing outstanding government service that exceeds their expectations.