Strategy and Policy

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Strategy and Policy

The Ministry of Cabinet Affairs coordinates and oversees the implementation of 2021 Vision, the National Agenda, and the UAE government strategies, by reviewing strategies of federal entities submitted to the Cabinet to ensure alignment with the Government Strategy. It also supports building capabilities in the federal government in terms of developing mechanisms, methodologies, and guides.

MOCA also reviews policies and proposals submitted to the Cabinet, and provides relevant recommendations on developing and implementing programs that support the effectiveness of the federal government in realizing the UAE vision in coordination with relevant government entities.

Moreover, MOCA seeks to enhance efficiency of government work by drafting policies and strategies to develop organizational management, organization and governance structures, and effective systems for the federal government, thus ensuring the realization of the UAE vision. MOCA also follows up on progress of the National Agenda and priority programs and supports them. It also proposes methodologies and guides to build capabilities and align strategies of federal entities with their organizational architecture.

MOCA also provides the ‘Knowledge Center’ which enriches the knowledge base of decision makers by providing information and data that present a strategic and practical view on the ministries’ scope of work.