The Executive Teams of National Agenda

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The Executive Teams of the National Agenda 2021

The Executive Teams of the National Agenda 2021 were launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai in the cabinet meeting held on 16th October 2016. The Executive Teams include 500 officials representing various public and private sectors to accelerate the achievement of the UAE National Agenda that comprises of 52 National Indicators measuring the wellbeing and happiness of UAE citizens in 6 National Priority areas; health, education, economy, environment and infrastructure, society, safety and judiciary.

The 36 Executive Teams of the National Agenda 2021 are responsible for setting and monitoring the implementation of comprehensive work plans that comprise of short, medium and long term initiatives to achieve the National Agenda targets, and for formulating the necessary sub-teams required to implement the work plans in coordination with various public and private entities at the national level.


Roles and Responsibilities of the Executive Teams of National Agenda 2021:

  • Set comprehensive and integrated action plans that are annually updated and comprise of short, medium and long term initiatives with corresponding responsibilities and implementation timelines and priorities
  • Recommend the formulation of sub-teams to execute certain tasks and initiatives as applicable
  • Supervise the execution of the action plans utilizing several innovative tools/practices
  • Coordinate with the concerned federal, local and international stakeholders to ensure the effective and efficient implementation of the action plan
  • Monitor the execution of action plans and the regular progress of initiatives with all stakeholders at the national level
  • Issue periodic analytical reports on the team’s achievements, progress of initiatives and NKPI related results to the Prime Minister Office

The Executive Teams of National Agenda 2021 Deliverables:

  • Effective Initiatives that will lead to achieving the ambitious targets of the UAE National Agenda 2021
  • Innovative approaches in executing the required tasks within time and budget
  • Regular monthly meetings to oversee the progress and deliverables of the team  
  • Effective solutions to any existing gaps pertaining to the availability and accuracy of data
  • Cooperation and coordination with relevant national and international organizations in areas related to team’s scope   
  • Effective liaising with all executive teams to ensure coordination of national efforts
  • Periodic reports that include the National Indicators related results and progress of initiatives that will lead to enhance national performance