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Four Government Initiatives to Engage Youth in Shaping the Future

  • NEWS
  • 27 November 2018

The UAE Government Annual Meetings approved four initiatives aiming to encourage young entrepreneurs and support their start-ups.

During its meeting in the Second UAE Government Annual Meetings, The Youth Working Group focused on enhancing entrepreneurship among youth to build a sustainable knowledge-based ecosystem leveraging innovation and technology. This complements the government efforts aiming to support preparations for the post-oil era, which will significantly rely on youth entrepreneurial abilities and their unlimited creativity.

Her Excellency Shamma bint Suhail Al Mazrui, Minister of State for Youth Affairs and Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of the Federal Youth Authority, stated that the UAE youth have a crucial role in achieving the vision of the wise leadership to promote the UAE’s status globally and achieve the UAE Centennial 2071 that aims at making the UAE the best country in the world.

Her Excellency emphasized the importance of the UAE Government Annual Meetings and the presence of UAE youth, which indicates the trust of the wise leadership in the youth, and affirms the government’s keenness to listen to their voices while developing the plans and strategies of the future.

Her Excellency Al Mazrui also noted the importance of activating the role of the youth and promoting entrepreneurship since they are the real wealth of the UAE. With their creative abilities, they UAE can design practical solutions to develop proactive visions that promote its status as one of the best countries in the world.

Her Excellency extended her thanks to the wise leadership of the UAE for its continuous support to the youth in all sectors and for providing them with the tools that help them unleash their full potential to serve their country and community.

Her Excellency also stressed the commitment of the Federal Youth Authority to launch initiatives in line with the aspirations and visions of the youth, and stated: “The UAE youth are among the best youth in the world and their initiatives and projects receive significant attention from many international institutions.”

The “Done by Youth X Culture” initiative provides collaboration opportunities between stakeholders in various sectors, such as culture and arts; and to avail their public facilities as platforms for youth initiatives and projects, in a bid to give them an opportunity to showcase their projects and accomplishments and encourage their sense of entrepreneurship.

The “Global Youth Opportunities” initiative aims to promote the opportunities and programs available for the youth globally through a central and unified entity in charge of coordinating and aligning the available opportunities within the UAE. It also aims to establish a clear mechanism for scholarship students and to provide Emirati youth with the required skills that allow them to introduce the Emirati identity and values abroad.

The “100 Inspiring Emirati Youth” initiative focuses on empowering and supporting 100 distinguished and talented Emirati youth in various sectors. It also aims to shed the light on these young figures across the different media channels and identify talented young people in different areas.

The “National Service 101” initiative aims to create a cultural platform to enhance awareness amongst the youth about the UAE National Service and Reserve Program (NSR). It also aims to educate them on the importance of enrolling in the program and its positive impact on their lives, while highlighting the unique experiences of the UAE National Service and Reserve Program graduates.

Participants stressed the importance of ensuring full-scale coordination among the entities in charge of youth affairs, especially those responsible for providing them with the programs and opportunities available for them abroad, and also the need for a central and unified entity to regulate and organize these programs. They also underlined the importance of encouraging distinguished youth accomplishments by shedding the light on them and nurturing talents of youth residing in remote areas.

The UAE Government aims at investing in Emirati youth and equipping them with the skills and knowledge that keep pace with the rapid changes worldwide and enhance the UAE’s reputation. This comes within the “UAE Centennial Plan” programs, which qualify Emirati scholarship students and establish a networking platform and partnerships between youth institutions in the UAE to hone their talents, develop their abilities, discover leaders among them and enable them to participate positively in shaping the future of the UAE.