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Government Experience Exchange Programme and Anwar Gargash Academy Launch Diplomatic Leaders Programme

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  • 13 September 2023

The UAE Government Experience Exchange Programme (GEEP), in partnership with Anwar Gargash Diplomatic Academy (AGDA), launched the “Diplomatic Leaders Programme” to upskill government experience exchange experts and equip them with the necessary diplomatic skills required to effectively communicate and impart the UAE's successful governmental experiences and best practices to the countries actively engaged in the Government Experience Exchange Programme."

The two-month programme, ending in October 2023, hosts more than 70 Emirati skilled experts, who have participated in the joint government experience exchange programmes and initiatives with various governments around the world. It features a series of lectures, workshops and interactive sessions to train participants on the key diplomatic skills that would help them effectively share the best UAE practices and experiences with countries worldwide.

The programme aims to build the capabilities of government experience exchange experts and enable them to fulfil their roles efficiently and effectively by developing their contemporary diplomacy and leadership skills, reviewing the theoretical and experimental frameworks of the diplomatic work, and learning about the current political issues and their impact on the contemporary political ecosystem, thereby strengthening their role in supporting the UAE’s global leadership in various fields of government knowledge and experiences.

His Excellency Abdulla Nasser Lootah, Deputy Minister of Cabinet Affairs for Competitiveness and Knowledge Exchange, stressed the importance of upskilling Emirati leaders and experts to help them professionally share the UAE’s best practices and experiences with countries around the world, leveraging the government experience exchange programmes and initiatives, which have achieved great success in many countries.

 “The Diplomatic Leadership Programme is a key milestone in enhancing government experience exchange initiatives by providing national calibres with the diplomatic skills they need to promote the Government Experience Exchange Programme, support its objectives, and enhance the UAE’s relations with governments worldwide,” H.E. added.

H.E. Nickolay Mladenov, Director General of the Anwar Gargash Diplomatic Academy, highlighted the UAE's growing global prominence and its significant contributions across various domains. This extraordinary evolution in diplomatic relations has firmly established the UAE as a respected and influential player on the world stage. He underscored the importance of the Diplomatic Leadership Programme to empower government officials and develop their diplomatic skills so that they can represent the UAE, guided by its international aspirations and vision.

“The Anwar Gargash Diplomatic Academy is committed to fostering collaboration with government entities, and creating customised training programmes in leadership and diplomacy. Our mission is to prepare government officials to be competent and confident ambassadors for the UAE, all the while sharing Emirati insights and best practices with countries worldwide. Participants in our programme will gain an extensive skill set and knowledge, from public speaking, media engagement, diplomatic protocols and etiquette, to the finesse of negotiation and cross-cultural communication”, he explained.

The Diplomatic Leadership Programme covers four main modules, namely Public Speaking and Addressing the Media, Diplomatic Protocol and Etiquette, the Art of Intercultural Communication, and An Introduction to the UAE’s Foreign Policy.

Each course includes a number of key basic skills to help Emirati calibres convey a clear message to enhance the position of the UAE government internationally, given the important role of the media and social media platforms in today’s world. The public Speaking and Addressing the Media module combines theoretical and practical pillars to guide participants on how to deal with interviews and public speaking.

The Diplomatic Protocol and Etiquette module explains the concepts and theories of diplomatic etiquette, and the best practices in organising interviews and holding high-level meetings. Participants in this module will learn the protocol procedures, etiquette, and the rules of courtesy and good behaviour to build a full perspective about etiquette in multicultural ecosystems.

The Art of Intercultural Communication module addresses effective communication skills within multiple cultures, and addresses the main principles and best practices in communicating with individuals from different cultural backgrounds.

The last module focuses on introducing participants to the features of the UAE’s foreign policy, which reflects the great respect the UAE and its leadership enjoy regionally and internationally. It further highlights the UAE dynamism, growing scope of activities, and its aspirations to expand its international relations. The module tackles the political history of the UAE and its foreign policy, while showcasing the most important internal and external historical and political events affecting the country.