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The National Program for Artificial Intelligence Concludes the UAE AI CAMP 3.0

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  • 13 September 2021

Over its three editions, the UAE AI CAMP, launched by the National Program for Artificial Intelligence, attracted more than 15,000 students of different ages, specializations and educational levels in schools and universities aiming to empower youth with AI skills and advanced technologies.

The third edition of the camp, held in cooperation with the National Program for Coders, aimed to encourage youth to develop innovative solutions for future challenges, leveraging the experiences they gained during their participation in trainings, workshops, webinars and talks.

The camp witnessed a wide participation from students and 15 strategic partnerships including a number of national entities and mega international companies specialized in coding and AI, to develop certified digital content that students can benefit from in various fields.

His Excellency Omar Sultan AlOlama, Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy and Remote Work Applications, stressed the importance of the AI sector in achieving sustainable change and supporting efforts to design and build a better future for societies. H.E. added that the UAE government dedicates all its capabilities, programs and initiatives to enhance skills of youth and build competencies to shape the future and serve societies.

H.E. AlOlama said that UAE AI Camp enables youth to learn the basics of AI, discuss its uses, gain knowledge, and know more about business environment that embraces integrated digital societies, adding that the camp has become an approved technological reference for AI, as it avails open content globally; jointly developed by prominent government entities and global institutions, such as Facebook, Huawei and Microsoft. H.E. hailed the efforts of the knowledge partners who have provided students with future skills, and praised youth's interest in the field of advanced sciences.

The UAE AI Camp 3.0 witnessed significant partnerships with government entities, including: Dubai Police, Dubai Digital Authority, Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre (MBRSC), Dubai Future Labs (DFL), and Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve (DDCR). Several leading private sector entities also participated in the camp including: Facebook, Microsoft, Huawei, Le Wagon, Careem, SAP, among other AI-specialized companies.

Jiawei Liu, CEO of Huawei – UAE, stated that, “Artificial intelligence is the next general purpose technology, it will create positive spillover effects for all industries, considering its position as the new force driving society transformation”. Adding “Huawei uses its global experience and resources to build the AI Ecosystem, that enables a culture of digitalization and intelligent transformation in the UAE which steadily elevates its position as a global leader in the adoption of innovative.”

In a comment on the camp’s outputs, Dr. Amit Andre, Chief Executive Officer of Data Tech Labs, stated that, “Engaging with young minds in UAEAI Camp has been an awesome experience. Exposure to viable information with experience is a vital need for every human being, and giving a learning experience on Artificial Intelligence, Cloud and Data is mandatory considering UAE’s vision towards 2071.”

Charlotte Margus, General Manager - Le Wagon Middle East, pinpointed the company’s efforts in training new tech enthusiasts to switch their career, saying, “We are excited to take part in local initiatives that bolster the national digital economy such UAE AI Camp. With more than 200 participants in different sessions showing how coding and data science skills in demand in the UAE."

Tarek Mohammed, Head of Virtual Asset Section of Dubai Police GHQ, stated that UAE AI camp empowers youth to obtain knowledge and experience in order to develop innovative solutions to challenges. “It has been our delight as Dubai Police to support the UAE AI Summer Camp with our programs, and we are looking forward to more initiatives that support youth in the UAE,” he added.

Dr. Ali Alazzawi, City Experience Advisor at Dubai Digital Authority, confirmed that the authority is running full speed towards the technical implementation of AI in the country to achieve goals of the UAE Centennial 2071. Adding “It is quite an honor to participate in the UAE’s national AI program to support rapid growth of the digital economy in the UAE.”

Mohammad Khamis, Zoom Sales Manager – Middle East, highlighted that “Zoom adopted artificial intelligence at the core of its product. Artificial intelligence (AI) is finally starting to fulfill the promise of smarter collaboration. He added that, “We take pride in holding effective partnerships with the National Program for Artificial Intelligence to provide improved services that enable students to use top-notch technology.”

The UAE AI Camp provided 5000 participants with the opportunity to learn about the most prominent emerging technologies in future fields, and acquire skills that help prepare them to start their coding career.

Facebook organized an AI camp from August 15-26, which attracted 50 participants chosen from among 700 applications. The camp included a number of training workshops and talks to introduce students to the latest machine learning, computer vision, and education enhancement techniques, showcasing the success stories of companies launched from the UAE.

The camp hosted knowledge sessions, theoretical and practical workshops, and webinars, during which more than 20 topics were presented to provide students with the most important skills in technology and coding, the camp’s activities were also documented via social media platforms so that participating students could benefit from them as reference for information about state-of-the-art technologies.

During the camp Dubai Police presented the modern technologies they use in combating cybercrime and maintaining cyber security, G42 Healthcare presented AI application in the field of healthcare, and the study of the UAE genome. Students were acquainted with the uses of AI applications in remote sensing, used by the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center and in discovering rare species of wild desert animals, in addition to using AI in rediscovering nature by Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve.

It is worth noting that the Artificial Intelligence Summer Camp was launched in 2018, and over the course of its first (2018) and second (2019) editions, it attracted more than 10,000 students from schools and universities in the UAE to empower them with tools, skills, and knowledge related to technology, artificial intelligence solutions, and machine learning.