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Three Service Initiatives Shaping the Future Government

  • NEWS
  • 26 November 2018

The UAE Government adopted an initiative to develop an integrated digital platform that includes e-signatures and a special system for transactions, as part of three development initiatives in the service sector, in a bid to strengthen cooperation and promote the ­­smart government. The three adopted initiatives are: The Digital Trust Platform, the Digital Customer Regulations, and the Customer Inbox.

H.E. Hamad Obaid Al Mansoori, Director General of the UAE's Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA), stressed that the Second Government Annual Meetings emphasize the importance of the harmonious efforts exerted by the various government entities. These concerted efforts aim to accelerate the development of vital areas towards the UAE Centennial 2071, building on 120 initiatives launched during the First Government Annual Meetings. These initiatives were launched under the guidance of the wise leadership of the UAE, which fosters the continuous march of progress and harness greater efforts to implement these initiatives.

He pointed out that such efforts usher a new path on the road towards a sustainable future, especially when it comes to the ICT sector, which acts as an incubator for developing smart services and the digital infrastructure, with all the related technological developments, raising the expectations of the society.

The initiatives were announced during the mee­­ting of the Smart Services and Digital Infrastructure Working Group, as part of the Second UAE Government Annual Meetings focused on the Future Government. It discussed Electronic Signatures, as a key component of the Digital Trust Platform, an innovative approach aimed at employing technology for the service of vital sectors. The platform is based on a special digital transactions system to authenticate transactions using the e-signature feature and linking these transactions to the Blockchain system.


The meeting adopted an initiative to develop a special e-signature federal law and e-trust services under the Digital Customer Regulations initiative that supports identifying sources of information. Under the Customer Inbox initiative, the meeting adopted a motion to establish an e-mail for individuals and institutions to provide alerts, governmental e-communications, information and notifications via e-mail. It also includes a unified platform that can be accessed from a mobile application, internet or any other channel, to allow users to choose and customize e-mails from the government.

These initiatives come in response to an ongoing need for improvement and development; to participate with local and federal government entities in supporting national initiatives, establish a special governance ecosystem to assign responsibilities and roles and shape cooperation. This would ultimately unify the customer’s journey and provide a unified experience for users at the country level.

The new initiatives were developed by the UAE Government based on its experience with previous service packages, now fully operational, as the “Mabrouk Ma Yak” and “Bashr” services, along with other services that rely on cooperation and integration between government entities. This aims to provide customers with comprehensive services, in order to overcome future challenges related to the smart services.