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UAE Government Launches 3 Initiatives to Promote Wellbeing

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  • 27 November 2018

Participants in the UAE Government Annual Meetings stressed the importance of encouraging community members to exercise and follow healthy eating habits, as well as designing cities and communities in a way that promotes the society overall wellbeing.

The UAE Government launched three national initiatives, during the Wellbeing Working Group meeting, which took place under the UAE Government Annual Meetings. The initiatives include establishing the UAE Wellbeing Model for Residential Communities, in line with the government’s directives that aim to promote wellbeing in the society. It also recommended the implementation of the Community Wellbeing Nutrition Program, and the adoption of the Community Program for Active Lifestyle which would encourage community members to exercise.

Her Excellency Ohood bint Khalfan Al Roumi, Minister of State for Happiness and Wellbeing, asserted that the UAE government is exerting enormous efforts to promote the concepts of developing wellbeing and establishing an integrated system of programs, strategies and value-added services to bring about positive change to the lives of UAE residents. This aims to consolidate the prominent position of the UAE regionally and globally in all fields and support the development process in the UAE in line with its future plans.

H.E. Al Roumi pointed out that during the UAE Government Annual Meetings, the Wellbeing Working Group focused on improving the community wellbeing through the initiatives it developed to enhance people's lifestyle, support health and nutrition, and consolidate the programs and policies that support the various aspects of life in the UAE.

The UAE Wellbeing Model for Residential Communities initiative aims to set an Emirati model for designing and developing societies and residential communities across the country to promote happiness and wellbeing. This is achieved by adopting the happiness and wellbeing principles and requirements in the design and planning process, setting a mechanism to evaluate societies and design cities based on the pillars and key requirements of happiness and wellbeing.

The Community Wellbeing Nutrition Program initiative will promote wellbeing by establishing standards for consumers, manufacturers and suppliers, in addition to implementing a set of motivational and educational community programs and activities on nutrition for all segments of the society.

The Community Program for Active Lifestyle seeks to establish a national program that promotes wellbeing by encouraging the different segments of society to exercise and improve their lifestyle. It further aims to avail the UAE public and covered facilities to community members, and work on increasing their numbers and developing them.

The Wellbeing Working Group initiatives aim to implement unified programs and policies that regulate nutrition in the UAE and ensure their continuity; as well as to increase the number of healthy diet programs for children, improve follow up on these programs, and ensure regular monitoring of food suppliers in schools and other venues in the UAE, in addition to developing the culture of healthy diet in the society.